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Rahm Bestows Izard, Kornick, Gand, Stefani With Own 'Days in Chicago' This Week

The mayor is celebrating four Chicago Chefs Hall of Fame inductees.

Phil Stefani, Michael Kornick, Gale Gand, Stephanie Izard
Phil Stefani, Michael Kornick, Gale Gand, Stephanie Izard

When he's not talking about beer and his favorite bars, Mayor Rahm Emanuel is finding time to bestow four of this week's Chef's Hall of Fame 2014 inductees with their own special days in town. Starting today with "Phil Stefani Day," Michael Kornick, Gale Gand, and Stephanie Izard are getting their "Days in Chicago" leading up to Thursday's induction at Castle. Kornick is even using tomorrow's day to give away a free drink at mk, DMK Burger Bar, and Fish Bar. Larry Levy (Levy Restaurants) will also be inducted but already had is own day last week.

Tickets to Thursday's event are still available and Eater readers can get $50 off by adding the code EATER at checkout. Also, watch the Eater Chicago Facebook page for a chance to win a free pair. Past Chicago Culinary Museum Chefs Hall of Fame inductees include Charlie Trotter (2006), Rick Bayless (2008), Graham Elliot (2012), and Paul Kahan (2013).


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