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Chicago Distilling Company Opening Tomorrow on That Logan Square Block

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[Photos: Marc Much]

Tomorrow, that powerhouse Logan Square block and Chicago as a whole will get a heavy dose of homemade booze. After a lengthy delay, Chicago Distilling Company, a family operation, opens the doors to its bar and distillery.

The airy tasting room features arched ceilings with rustic wood beams and exposed brick, a 14-seat bar and 32 seats at communal tables composing the layout. Owners Jay and Noelle DiPrizio offer a no-frills menu with eight cocktails (four classic and four modern) a small wine and beer selection, and their two opening products, a vodka and a 90-proof white whiskey. Both liquors are available for retail, along with merchandise.

Distillery tours will begin on Saturday. Look for more variety and different types of liquor to be available down the line.

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Chicago Distilling Company

2359 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL