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Polar Vortex Tuesday: Closures and Limited Hours

Photo: The Regional News/Facebook

As the polar vortex reaches day two, many restaurants have reopened. But some, for various reasons, are closed today or are open with limited hours. If you're going to venture into Chiberia, don't go to the establishments on the list below.

Closed Today:

· 18th Street Brewery
· Analogue
· Antique Taco
· The Arrogant Frog
· Bar on Buena (Holiday party)
· Bar Bar Black Sheep
· Bentley Tavern
· Blackwood BBQ
· Coobah
· Fountainhead (Holiday party)
· Honky Tonk BBQ
· The Joynt
· Kabocha
· Maple Tree Inn
· mEAT
· Milt's Barbecue for the Perplexed
· Nouveau Tavern
· Perennial Virant
· Real Comfort American Kitchen
· Russian Tea Time
· Smak Tak
· Smalls
· Table Fifty-Two
· Trenchermen
· Untitled (private party)
· Vera

Limited Hours Today:

· Bull & Bear (opening at 5 p.m.) [Update: now closing altogether]
· Buzz Cafe (closing at 4 p.m.)
· The Grid (opening at 4 p.m.)
· Public House (opening at 5 p.m.)
· Ravenswood Q (open for dinner only) [Update: closed for the night]
· Troquet Ravenswood (opening at 5 p.m., dinner only)
· Wow Bao (no delivery)
· The Wormhole (closing at 7 p.m.)
· All Coldpocalypse Coverage [-ECHI-]