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It's Too Cold To Go Out, So Order In

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While Chicago is experiencing a "Polar Vortex" there's no reason to go out and grab your grub when you can have someone else bring it to you. One of the easiest ways to go about getting your food is to order through Grub Hub Seamless (the two recently merged), which updates restaurants' hours should they decide to close early. Some restaurants have even begun using an in-restaurant tablet called Order Hub where they are able to instantly update their hours with a touch of a button.

Grub Hub's PR liaison says that they typically see a spike in orders during bad weather and expect today to be one of those. With that in mind, they offer the following tips when using Grub Hub's service:

1) Be prepared for longer delivery times. Drivers will be busy delivering more orders in tougher conditions. For this reason, we recommend diners place orders earlier than usual to allow for potentially longer delivery times.
2)Make sure to tip your delivery drivers well. They are braving extreme temperatures to make sure you stay warm, full and comfortable!
3) Search for restaurants that employ our Track Your Grub technology to receive real-time order status notifications and estimated delivery time updates.

The list below includes many restaurants that you can find on Grub Hub as well as other choices. Make sure to give each restaurant a call to confirm that they are open, as plans can change when weather of this sort comes into play.

· Kai Sushi on State Street
· bistronomic
· Doc B's
· Pastoral
· Hub 51
· D'Agostino's Pizza
· Heaven on Seven
· Ranalli's
· Raw
· Lao Yunnan
· Al's Beef
· El Famous Burrito
· Pita Heaven
· J.P. Graziano Grocery Co.
· JJ Fish & Chicken
· The Goddess & the Grocer
· L. Woods Tap & Pine Lounge
· Reza's Restaurant
· Cemitas Puebla
· Andy's Thai Kitchen
· Father & Son
· Chicago Curry House
· Da Lobsta
· Epic Burger
· Little Bucharest Bistro
· Demera Ethiopian Restaurant
· The Fifty/50