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A10 is a Home Run; Parts and Labor Shows Promise

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Photo: Marc Much

A10 is a worthy reason to make the trek to Hyde Park, writes Lisa Shames. Bucatini carbonara "stays true to its humble roots, but at the same time gets an upgrade from some high-end ingredients and modern techniques," while the chicken liver mousse "challenges the playing field" with a sweet marsala gelee and earthy trumpet mushrooms.

Hearty entrees include a "beautiful" Berkshire double pork chop that's "delicious," as well as a scallops dish of four "plump, perfectly cooked and seasoned mollusks" with a mound of creamy butternut squash and sage risotto. To finish, the cannoli soft-serve is a "perfect combination of ubercreamy" vanilla soft-serve, salted caramel sauce, pistachios and pieces of cannoli shells that's "worth fighting for." [CS]

Parts and Labor has some kinks to work out, but could become a neighborhood favorite once it does. Lisa White tries the thin griddled burgers, which are "better than your average fast food fare" with "crispy, salty shards" of bacon "taking it the extra mile."

The sides are less impressive as curly fries are "limp and lack seasoning," onion rings are "salty and soggy" and fried giardiniera "packs an aggressive vinegar taste that [is] only intensified by the frying." The Green River float also disappoints, arriving with "two hard chinks of cheap-tasting vanilla ice cream." [Chicagoist]

A 10

1462 E 53rd St, Chicago, IL 60615 773 288 1010


1462 E. 53rd St., Chicago, IL