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Polar Vortex Redux: Closures and Limited Hours

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As another arctic invasion grips the city, a few restaurants and bars have decided to close up for the day or evening. If you're planning on braving the sub-zero temperatures today, don't head to these establishments. This list will be updated as news of more closings hit the wires.

Closed Today:

· The Back Room
· The Bluebird (special event)
· Bull & Bear
· Club Foot
· Dimo's Pizza (staff party)
· Estelle's Cafe and Lounge
· Goose Island Wrigelyville
· Hideout Inn
· Lizards Liquid Lounge
· mEAT
· Nouveau Tavern (Monday and Tuesday)
· Oceanique
· The Owl
· Pl-zen
· Range
· The Slide Ride
· Telegraph
· Twisted Tapas (Monday and Tuesday)
· Webster Wine Bar
· Wiener and Still Champion
· Wow Bao (no delivery)

Limited Hours

· Buzz Cafe (closing at 4 p.m.)
· Clark St Dog (closing at 6 p.m.)
· La Sirena Clandestina (closing at 3 p.m.)
· Paramount Room (closing at midnight)
· Parson's Chicken & Fish (closing at 5 p.m.)
· The Scout (closing at 3 p.m.)
· The Wormhole (closing at 7 p.m.)
· All Coldpocalypse Coverage [-ECHI-]