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Chicago's 38 Hottest Shops; BabyGate Fashion; More

Photo: Courtesy of Dose Market

EVERYWHERE—We just updated our list of Chicago's 38 Essential Shopping Experiences. Organized in a handy north-to-south map, this guide will have you skipping from vintage stores to flower shops and (hopefully) a few new spots.

LINCOLN PARK— In a crisis, we're here to help. After last week's BabyGate drama, we rounded up a few chichi items for kids. Well, kids who dine at Alinea at least.

LINDENHURST, ILLINOIS— Have you heard the one about the world's creepiest junk mail, ever, in the world, ever? You will not believe what OfficeMax did to this poor man.

AWARDS SEASON— As we gear up for the Grammys on Sunday, let's let's take a look back at some of the more horrific fashion moments from the Screen Actors Guild Awards.


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