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Chicago News Hits Top Chef New Orleans

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Disclaimer: There was a bit of local news during last night's episode of Top Chef. This spoiler alert is for those who haven't seen it yet. So if you don't want to hear it, do not read any further.

This season of Top Chef, set in New Orleans, featured two Chicago chefs, Slurping Turtle's Aaron Cuschieri (who was eliminated early on) and Mexique's chef/owner Carlos Gaytan. Last night, Gaytan was cut after making seafood tamales that weren't quite warm enough and the cream he served them with didn't pair well in the judges' eyes.

But don't feel too badly for Gaytan, he did win a Toyota Corolla in the show's opening quickfire segment. Plus, he was able to compete in the final Last Chance Kitchen, Top Chef's internet-based contest, so there's a chance he will return. Gaytan also has that Michelin star for Mexique as well.

Gaytan competed against seven-time winner Louis Maldonado in Last Chance Kitchen, but the chef who won a return to the competition won't be revealed until next week's episode. Until then, check out his Bravo-moderated Twitter Q&A from earlier today.
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