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Swim Cafe in Noble Square Shutters

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It's a good thing that two new coffee options recently opened in Noble Square. Swim Cafe, a breakfast, lunch, and coffee spot on Chicago Avenue, has closed. The vegetarian-focused cafe was in business since 2005.

Karen Gerod, who co-owned Swim Cafe with her sister Debra, has been battling cancer, and was the subject of a Soup & Bread fundraiser last month at The Hideout. Swim Cafe was also known for hosting literary events, live music, and supporting local artists.

Although the decision to close shouldn't come as a shock, the final decision appears to be sudden, leaving former employees upset about lack of notice. Ugly Mug Cafe and Asado Coffee recently opened within three blocks of Swim Cafe.
· Swim Cafe [Official Site]
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Swim Cafe

1357 W Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL