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Achatz Reveals Details—Will BabyGate End?

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Photo: Barry Brecheisen/@AlineaBaby

In an extensive piece just released online by the Reader, Grant Achatz goes into detail about the specifics in question on BabyGate night and his and Alinea's stance on the issue. Now that those are finally out, has the great BabyGate story of 2014 reached the exciting conclusion?

First, the details: Achatz has no idea if the couple was down a babysitter, they were part of a four-top downstairs, the GM talked to the woman but they never asked her to leave, Alinea refunds tickets for other reasons and would "have been accommodating" had the customers' babysitter been a last-minute cancellation, and he's not considering banning babies from Alinea.

There you have it. Will this put the story to bed?
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