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After Levitski Leaves and Sprout Shutters, Frog N Snail Closes Too

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Photo: Barry Brecheisen

The last domino in the Dale Levitski and Sprout sagas has officially fallen. Frog N Snail, Levitski's Lakeview restaurant, shuttered after service on New Year's Eve. Chef Levitski left both Sprout and Frog N Snail after returning from an extended summer trip; Sprout shuttered soon after, in November.

Levitski brought Sprout into the limelight and later opened the bistro-esque Frog N Snail near his Lakeview home. Considering how quickly Sprout closed after he exited, it's not surprising that Frog N Snail closed too. A Frog N Snail representative says that reconcepting the restaurant is a possibility, although "nothing is certain at this point."
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Frog N Snail

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