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Bristol Team Joining Boka Group Again For Upcoming 'Meat-Centric Restaurant'

Chris Pandel and Kevin Boehm
Chris Pandel and Kevin Boehm
Photo: Timothy Hiatt/Twitter

Remember that huge West Loop steakhouse the Boka Restaurant Group is planning? Well it now has a second powerhouse restaurant group behind it: Chris Pandel and the team from The Bristol (John Ross, Phil Walters, David Johnston). For the second time, after Balena, both groups are joining forces to put a forward-thinking spin a classic culinary concept.

"From a steakhouse perspective, there's going to be a symbiotic nature between how we did Balena and how we do the steakhouse," partner John Ross says. "There will be classics but it's all about what we do and pushing forward."

In other words, expect the "meat-centric" restaurant to source from local farms and have much more than traditional steakhouse fare, plus a high-profile chef in Pandel. The 14,000 square-foot restaurant will open sometime next year in a location that's still under wraps.
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