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Health Department Shuts Down Boss Bar

The River North bar scene has lost an old standby, at least a few days. Boss Bar, the downscale and sometimes raucous 4 a.m. bar on the corner of Clark and Hubbard, has been shut down by the health department.

According to DNAinfo, an inspector found "over 50 live cockroaches nesting and crawling on kitchen walls" and "over 100 live fruit flies." Leaky faucets and pipes, "a crack in the ceiling above the basement icemaker that was 'damaged and shedding,'" and "spills, debris and ash trays with ash residue" were also reported.

There's no word on scheduled upscale renovation that's on the docket—as a keycard entry nightclub component and pizza window was in the works. DNAinfo reports that an employee expects the bar expects to reopen "by Thursday or Friday."
· Boss Bar Closed by Health Department After Cockroaches, Flies, Leaks Found [DNAinfo]
· Boss Bar Expanding, Adding Pizzeria Window and Keycard-Entry Nightclub [-ECHI-]

Boss Bar

420 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL

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