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Caligula-Themed Steakhouse Coming to the Burbs; Restaurant Fined for a Shark Fin; More

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STONE PARK—Get ready, suburbanites—the publisher of Penthouse and club owner Perry Orr are opening a "steakhouse modeled after a Roman palace that will include short burlesque shows offering a humorous take on the Roman Empire" by the end of the year. Can Medieval Times compete with that? [CRED]

CHINATOWN—Minghin Cuisine (2168 S. Archer) is the first casualty of a new law banning the sale, trade or distribution of shark fins. The restaurant was fined $120 for displaying a shark fin, which was confiscated and taken to the Field Museum. Illinois is the first non-Pacific state to pass the law. [Illinois DNR]

EVANSTON—Beverly Kim Clark and husband John Clark are the latest chefs to pop up at Company. Two dinners take place August 26 where they'll cook up "modern Korean bar food" served alongside craft cocktails made with makgeolli. Tickets cost $45. [EaterWire]

LAKE BLUFF—After shuttering Royce (the reconcepted Moderno) John Des Rosiers is making cosmetic and menu changes at Inovasi. The interior/exterior has received new decor elements and signage, and they've added many dishes and cocktails to a newly designed menu. [EaterWire]
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Minghin Cuisine

2168 S. Archer, Chicago, IL