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Another Trotter Tirade: Charlie Reportedly Insults and Kicks Out Photography Students

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Charlie Trotter is in the news for another tirade. Last night, according to multiple reports, the retired chef kicked a group of After School Matters photography students out of his shuttered restaurant after berating them with insults, according to multiple reports. The students, who had reportedly been planning the exhibit for over a month, then ate pizza across the street while waiting for their rides. Here's the Sun-Times' account:

The notoriously temperamental chef apparently became offended when the After Schools Matter instructor refused to order his students to sweep floors and plunge toilets, according to photography student Dominic Tafano, 18, a senior at the Chicago Academy.

Before Trotter booted the students out, Tafano said the chef asked him if he was "A f - - - - - - idiot" because Tafano didn't think to ask Trotter if he would like a drink before heading around the corner to pick up a soda at 7-11.

He asked a female student if she was going to get a "Charlie Trotter's" tattoo and told her it wouldn't be a "tramp stamp," according to the girl and several other students.

Students said their artwork and electronic equipment, including iPads, were locked up inside the restaurant.

After booting the teens, Trotter continued his erratic behavior, asking reporters "should I do an Alec Baldwin or what?" and "do you have a job?" He then went back inside his restaurant.

This isn't the first tirade Trotter has unleashed since closing his restaurant. In December, the chef kicked Tribune reporter Mark Caro out of his auction before halting the auction and berating the general audience. The auction then went online.

Trotter's restaurant is for sale for $3.8 million.
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