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Permits In Hand, The Radler/D.A.S. Construction is Moving Fast

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[Photos: Eater Chicago]

Walking through the street art-covered front door and into The Radler and D.A.S., it's noticeable how far construction has come along. Nate Sears and Adam Hebert finally got ahold of their permits over three weeks ago and, after firing one general contractor and hiring another, commenced construction "that second." Skeletal walls now outline the room layout, forming the basis for what will be a multi-faceted two-restaurants-in-one project that many expect to anchor the transforming block of 2300 N Milwaukee.
Sears and Hebert are constantly inundated with the usual meetings that under-construction restaurant owners have to grit and bear: Banks. Investors. Plumbers. Electricians. Security camera installers. HVAC. Gas Lines. Dishware. POS systems. They expect the "guts" of the walls (electrical wiring, plumbing) to be in place within two weeks, and then the "skin" (drywall) will go on. That will take two days. Then city inspectors will make an appearance to perform the midterm inspection.

When the walls are fully in place, the building will house two restaurants and six distinct seating areas. In The Radler, four counter tables will sit in front archways overlooking the blossoming section of Milwaukee Avenue, on both sides of large double doors. Immediately to the right, a 20-seat oak bar will angle in, covering roughly 40 percent of the 120-year-old beer mural. Opposite the bar will be three seating sections: five long-and-heavy communal tables, 12 small booths, and four high-tops in between.

Angled back to the rear left, behind the kitchen and a sculpture made from bicycle parts, will be the secluded fine-dining restaurant—D.A.S. Just one ten-top table will be in the one room, available three nights a week. While The Radler is meant to be a sea of Hebert's beer and Sears' sausage—a boisterous beer hall full of clanking steins and commotion—D.A.S. will be a detached oasis meant to "bring back the glory days of fine dining." It will have its own entrance on Fullerton.

Hebert is designing the furniture and cabinets himself, rustic woods to evoke the German beer hall atmosphere of Radler and German fine dining of D.A.S. High ceilings give the space an airiness that should be evident even when the walls are in place.

Hebert and Sears are now shooting for a late-November opening. "I took a reservation for December 28," Sears says, sitting on a plastic chair surrounded by piles of wood and coffee cups. "We have to be open by then."
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The Radler

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