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Food Truck Social Becomes Chicago Food Social

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Photo: 2012 Food Truck Social

One of the largest food truck events of the last two years, Food Truck Social, has been rebranded, expanded, and moved to a new location from West Town. Taking place in the Kendall College parking lot, Chicago Food Social will now feature some notable brick-and-mortar restaurants in addition to food trucks, a cocktail lounge, and live music courtesy of Empty Bottle Presents on September 21.

Chefs announced at a later date, including Kendall College students and alumni, will perform demonstrations between musical acts. A $5 entrance fee will benefit Share Our Strength's Cooking Matters. Check out the preliminary lineup below.

Food Trucks
5411 Empanadas
Beavers Coffee & Donuts
Greek Eats
Husky Hog BBQ
Starfruit (Lifeway Foods)
Tamale Spaceship
Two Italians
Wagyu Wagon
Windy City Patty Wagon

Big Star
Publican Quality Meats
Longman and Eagle
· Chicago Food Social [Official Site]

Kendall College

900 N. North Branch St., Chicago, IL