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The Early Word on Mott Street

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Photo: Eater Chicago

After a month of being open, the word is in on the latest project from the Ruxbin team, Mott Street. Chef Edward Kim has struck a chord with diners with popular menu items like the crab brain fried rice and "everything wings" and it seems like, for the most part, the food has been well worth the wait. Check out the early word on Mott Street:

The Strategy News: Food writer Melissa Wiley leaves a tip for future diners: "Even if you don't relish the unapologetic idiosyncrasy of every dish you order—even if you do have a gizzard on a stick in the bunch—Mott Street will wow you with something. Whatever the sequence—and in our experience it's wonderfully haphazard—inhale on the spot and don't let anything grow cold." [Chicagoist]

The Bad News: Mott Street doesn't take reservations, so come with the expectations that there might be a wait, especially if you have a large party. DNAinfo contributor Alisa Hauser remarked that though "Mott's spacious yet sparse interior features tall, industrial ceilings and 64 seats, either at a long communal table running the length of the room or a smattering of tables and bar stools. On its second night, nary a seat was to be found, with a line for tables that an intrepid few managed to eclipse by braving 50-degree weather on the outdoor patio..." [DNAinfo]

The Staff News: A positive experience from Tasting Table will warrant a second visit: Service was friendly and efficient, the space was lively and warm, and we plan to return as soon as possible. [Tasting Table]

The Flavor News: A LTHForum user chimes in on the culinary chatter: "The whole experience was one of very diverse and stimulating flavors. The butter chicken had a wonderfully-spiced creamy sauce over tender confit chicken thighs. The sauce on the spring rolls, which were filled with a delicious fresh Oaxacan cheese, was a funky spicy kimchi puree. I'll definitely be back here often, especially since this is still the 'soft opening' and it's so good." [LTHForum]

The Atmosphere News: Emily Fiffer of Daily Candy comments on the dining space and the cocktail menu: "Designed from tip to toe on a strict DIY budget, the dining room is airy and bright. Shelves of house-made preserves and Asian grocery items line the walls; the bar beckons with concoctions Longman & Eagle vet Chad Hauge requires to craft crazy-delicious cocktails like the Resurrected (Letherbee Vernal, green chartreuse, Aperol, lime, celery) and Storms in Spring (Chinaco Blanco, cucumber, sencha, lime, ginger beer, ginger boba)." [Daily Candy]

The Must Order News: Several Yelp users had plenty of recommendations, but "the stuffed cabbage was probably the stand out dish. Its flavors were reminiscent of the stuffed cabbage that grandmothers make, but it took it to a whole new level." "The meat is extremely moist and tender, and the flavors here are incredible. If I could only order one thing, it would probably be this." [Yelp]

Eater Chicago intern Daniella Caruso contributed to this story.

Ruxbin Kitchen

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Mott Street

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