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Perfect Duo: Grilled Cheese and Naked Juice Tomato Kick

[Photos: Justin Barbin]

Yesterday, the Toasty Cheese truck teamed up with Naked Juice to give out their delicious new Tomato Kick with gooey grilled cheese at the Chicago Flea Market. Because Tomato Kick isn't your average bland tomato juice and tastes like just-picked, ripe tomatoes, it was a perfect match for Toasty Cheese's delightful sandwiches.

To give an extra kick to the experience, the Naked Grassroots truck was on hand to give out samples, educate about Tomato Kick's nutrient rich ingredients, and make sure all the flea go-ers got their daily dose of veggies.

Go out and grab your own Tomato Kick for lunch today–there is 1lb of veggies in each bottle*–and we will see you at our final grilled cheese stop.

And don't forget to #drinkveggies.

*Weight of vegetables, prior to juicing.