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RM Champagne Offers "High Life" Bottle Service; Boho Brunch

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If you've always wanted to purchase bottle service but scoffed at those high prices that come with livin' large, then RM Champagne Salon has got you covered. The toney drinking establishment adjacent to Nellcôte to has begun offering Miller High Life bottle service — for $10 you receive a 40 oz. bottle of the "champagne of beers" in a chilled, iced bucket, along with glassware (and the optional brown paper bag — no joke).

Maybe you don't want to be a faux-hobo, there's always RM's new list of "kegged" cocktails on draft — Parisienne Lemonade (Grey Goose Strawberry, Herbes de Provence, lemonade and thyme); The Rum, Two Punch (Atlantico Reserva Rum, earl grey tea, fresh lemon, peach nectar and mint); or Indian Summer (Cazadoes Blanco Tequila, Combier liqueur, lime, fresh watermelon juice, cucumber and salt). All of these tantalizing beverages will run you $11 each.

RM recently launched what they're calling Boho Brunch on Sundays (1 p.m. until 4:45 p.m.). If you're late to rise you can enjoy a cup of La Colombe coffee and a buffet style brunch on their Parisian patio while reading the New York Times. Sounds much cheaper than flying to Paris.
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