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Breaking Down Hot Doug's Chicago-Style Dog

Photo: Hot Doug's

Unfortunately, some Chicagoans don't have the time or patience to wait in the snail's-paced line that forms daily outside of Hot Doug's. Getting to Avondale surely is a trek for a hot dog, but Doug Sohn's "sausage superstore" manages to surpass Chicago hot dog standards by creating an well sourced dog garnished with choice toppings. For those unwilling or unable to stand in line, Eater National has revealed the work that goes into building Hot Doug's perfect Chicago-style hot dog over in the feature Eater Elements.

Learn where he gets the poppyseed bun, why Sohn prefers a grilled dog over steamed, how he arranges the pickles, and why caramelized onions may just be the ideal allium preparation for Chicago's traditional snack.
— Lily Freedman
· Eater Elements: Hot Doug's Chicago-Style Hot Dog [~E~]

Hot Doug's

3324 North California Avenue, Chicago, IL 60618 Visit Website

Hot Doug's

3324 N. California Ave., Chicago IL