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Yelp Maps Hipsters, Yuppies, PBR, and More

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When you put search terms into Yelp, chances are you search for restaurants, bars, types of cuisine, and locations. Now you can also search for things like hipsters, PBR, yuppies, and more, and get a handy map to show you where those things are concentrated.

A search on the Yelp Chicago Wordmap for "hipster," for example, reveals a giant red cluster around Damen roughly between Division and North, along a stretch of Milwaukee in Logan Square, and smaller ones around Clark and Belmont, in Lincoln Square, and Pilsen. But a search for "frat" also shows Wicker Park in addition to the giant cluster in Wrigleyville, Lincoln Park, Lakeview, and the Viagra Triangle. Want to know where the most people drink PBR? That's mostly in Wicker Park and Logan Square too.

Yelp provides these maps for 12 other cities, Eater National has the details on those.
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