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Rockit Ranch Unveiling Massive Underground Renovation August 1

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Since closing six months ago, massive construction has been happening at their club concept, The Underground. The Rockit Ranch team is almost ready to unleash the fruits of their labor, announcing an August 1 reopening date that will showcase a new room, "The Lounge," plus an expanded club room, an updated beverage program, and a subway-style stairway entrance into a space nearly double the previous size.

"The Lounge" will feature plush seating, including a VIP table inside a DJ booth, and a "mixology and champagne bar" in a more relaxed environment than "The Club," which has been outfitted with all sorts of new bells and whistles, including "a 40-foot high-definition digital video wall with unlimited capabilities."

The new beverage programs are slightly different in both rooms. At The Lounge, there will also be a high-end wine program in addition to the cocktails and champagne. The Club will offer service with tableside cocktail kits in addition to the vast selection of bottle service and champagne.

It wouldn't be a nightclub without DJs, of course. Notable DJs will spin the first four nights to mark the occasion, including DJ Rock City on August 1.
· The Underground [Official Site]

The Underground

56 W. Illinois St., Chicago, IL