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Danny Macaroons Infiltrates Chicago

Cronuts (or variations of the original) may have made their way to Chicago, but so has another pastry from NYC. Danny Macaroons had quite a bit of success in New York with his take on the dense coconut variety of the macaroon, that he decided to expand nationally, and wanted to be somewhere more centrally located.

"Chicago is a great market. I will really give us the opportunity to expand the brand, be in a more central location," says founder Danny Cohen. If all goes according to plan he will likely start production here within the next six months.

Currently Cohen is partnering with Bill Kim for a few exclusive macaroons at BellyQ via their catering menu including a pineapple guava and a spicy cinnamon chocolate variety, and also does catering with the Lincoln Park Zoo and Whispers Cafe in Mariano Park. He hopes for more of those partnerships including a possible collaboration with a brewery (he has done that in the past with Brooklyn Brewery).

Danny Macaroons has also been doing pop-ups at Bowtruss and has a selection of macaroons at Metropolis and Caffe Streets. His cookbook, The Macaroon Bible will be available the end of September. Look for new flavors like strawberry balsamic and S'mores.
· Danny Macaroons [Official Site]
Danny Cohen [Photo: Molly Bett Kovler]