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Soft Opened Vora Brings Dim Sum To the Gold Coast

If you're in the Gold Coast for lunch or dinner and you have a hankering for some Taiwanese dim sum, Vora may be the place to fulfill that desire. According to Urban Daddy, the dim sum at the new restaurant is where it's at, featuring 40 items including gua-bao (pork buns), meatballs and steamed shrimp.

The rest of the menu at Vora, currently in soft-open mode, plays like a pop chart version of pan-Asian cuisine, pogoing from Chinese (Hong Sau Tofu) to Vietnamese (banh mi) to Thai (pad Thai) to Japanese (shabu shabu, yakitori and an extensive sushi menu). Vora also features breakfast items—seafood congee, a beef bulgogi sandwich, as well as the quizzical addition of lox (a fairly "straight-up" version sans Asian flavors—smoked salmon, onion, tomato, capers, lettuce and cream cheese).

Vora's breakfast/lunch/dinner menus gives the impression that they are trying to catch a lot of customers with a wide net. However, the sushi and dim sum menus do indicate a degree of depth. Let's see what the reactions from the public will be.
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[Photo: Urban Daddy]


1028 N Clark St., Chicago, IL 60610