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FAME Taking Over Paradise Cantina on Division

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Fake palm trees on Division Street are about to be exchanged for Chef SammyD and a mixology stage. FAME, an "art-centric bar," is opening in the former Paradise Cantina space on July 26. Get ready.

Today's press release states that "Becker Entertainment is redefining Chicago's Division Street scene with their newest venture," and that "the opening art exhibition of FAME nods to its namesake and examines Celebrity: in the art world, in pop culture and as an unparalleled force in culture."

"Chef SammyD" (Sam Demarco) is concocting "Sammy D'Lites," which are described as a "casual and nostalgic take on small plates." They include tuna "nachos" (pokey style diced tuna, plantain chips, roast pineapple salsa and sriracha mayo) and "FBBBLT (FAME's Bao Bun BLT) Greek gyro" (griddled mini bao bun, lamb bacon, gyro meat, lettuce, tomato, harissa mayo, tzatziki dip).

The mixology stage doubles as a DJ booth. Drink offerings include a Bacon Manhattan. Antonio Ballatore of HGTV designed the space. It all kicks off late next week, let's see if people miss the palm trees.
· FAME [Official Site]
Chef SammyD and Antonio Ballatore [Photo: Facebook]


2015 W. Division St., Chicago, IL