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The Early Word on Parson's Chicken & Fish

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Photos: Clayton Hauck

With its massive 283-person patio, cheap eats and drinks, and ties to hotspot Longman & Eagle, it's no surprise that Parson's Chicken & Fish has opened in its first few weeks with a serious bang. It seems many of the customers think the food is well worth the long waits, but others chalk the hype up to nothing but the latest trendy restaurant to see and be seen. Here's the early word on Parson's Chicken & Fish:

The Good News: As the name would suggest, Parson's really knows good fried chicken. According to food blogger Danny Kelson: "Whatever they are doing, it is working. The batter tasted great and had a perfect crunch. However, it really was the chicken itself that made it happen. It was flavorful and seasoned all of the way through. These guys must have a great brine recipe." [GastroFetish]

The Bad News: A few Yelp users think the indoor communal seating can get a little cramped: "The picnic tables found outside are much more conducive to communal seating, but this just does not work with U-shaped booths inside. You think stepping on your friend's foot or hitting his or her knee during dinner is uncomfortable? Try having that happen with 2-3 strangers. And reaching beyond another party to discuss issues with your bill while they're eating and trying not to interrupt their conversation is simply awkward." [Yelp]

The Concept News: UrbanDaddy sums it up perfectly: "Imagine if Harold's Chicken Shack and Big Star had a love child. That's basically this. You've got a lot of fried food. You've got an amazing sun-dappled patio. You've got a lot of people with tattoos and thick-framed glasses." [UrbanDaddy]

The How to Deal with the Long Wait News: A Foursquare user leaves a tip: "Arrive before they open if you want to avoid a line. But even if you have to wait, you can get a drink while you do. And even after you wait, the chicken will make the wait worthwhile. Truly." [Foursquare]

The Staff News: One LTHForum user says: "Service at the bar/counter was terrific, both friendly and efficient. In fact, pretty much every employee we encountered was very friendly and eager to serve." [LTHForum]

The Drinking on the Patio News: The folks at PureWow know the perfect drink for a hot summer day: "A friend had tipped us off to the delights of Parson's Negroni slushy—a strong mix of local Leatherbee gin, Luxardo bitters, sweet vermouth and a razor-thin orange peel ($8)—so we passed the time over cocktails at one of the umbreallaed picnic tables on the giant outdoor patio." [PureWow]

The Won't Break the Bank News: Logan Squarist contributor Katherine Leonard writes: "You can stop by Parson's for a quick drink or bite any day of the week without spending a fortune. Most dishes were in the $8 range, with sides at $4 and cocktails around $6." [Logan Squarist]

The Stick to the Chicken News: Though many of their other menu items have met plenty of praise, an LTHForum user thinks there's one you can skip: The only item I couldn't really recommend is the clam roll. Although crisp and beautifully fried, the clams were really obscured by the breading...with some bites, I'm not sure I even ate clam. That being said, the accompaniments (butter lettuce, red onions, pickled peppers and celery root remoulade) and the Texas toast-type roll on which it was served were terrific." [LTHForum]

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