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Have $3.8 Million? Then Buy Charlie Trotter's

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Photos: Coldwell Banker

Months after auctioning off almost everything inside the actual restaurant, Charlie Trotter's itself is now on the block. And for a cool $3.8 mil, you can own it. The price includes the house next door, which contains Trotter's office, test kitchen, and the set for The Cooking Sessions with Charlie Trotter.

The restaurant itself still holds more than $1 million worth of restaurant equipment, according to a real estate rep, including "under the countertop refrigeration, self-cleaning water wash hoods, spring-loaded refrigerator doors, a stainless steel ceiling with smoke eating exhaust equipment to purify the air and eliminate airborne grime, deck lighting below the counters, and fluorescent and incandescent lights installed above the expeditor's station."

The brownstone buildings date back to 1908 and are still fitted with "a Viennese Bierdermier style interior, banquettes with custom woven wall fabric that line the main 90-seat area, silk draperies and plush carpeting throughout," not mention the wine cellars. Sounds like someone else will own all of this soon, if the price is right.
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Charlie Trotter's

816 W Armitage Ave., Chicago, IL 60614 773-248-6228