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It's Almost Pizza and Whiskey Time—Old Fifth Soft Opening Tonight

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It's time for a two-night preview of that highly-anticipated combination of pizza and whiskey—Old Fifth is finally here. The doors at 1027 W. Madison will open tonight at 5 p.m. for a soft opening to train staff, opening again tomorrow night, before taking a much-needed breather prior to go time on Friday night.

Besides the original information in March, little has been released in the way of menu details. Just know there will be pizza, there will be whiskey, and there will be a former Tru sous chef in the kitchen (Phil Cohen). DNAinfo reports there will be Brazilian nachos and stuffed tater tots. It's all available starting this evening.
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Old Fifth

1027 W Madison St, Chicago, IL 312-374-1672

Old Fifth

1027 W. Madison St., Chicago, IL