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Cry Tears of Syrup—Bel 50 is No More

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Photo: Jason Little

Adventurous diners will need to get their waffle sandwich fix elsewhere—and it's a good thing another waffle sandwich spot opened in the West Loop. Chicago's original waffle sandwich eatery, River North's Bel 50, closed up shop on May 29 with an ominous sign on the door. In a cruel twist of fate, Wafel opened nearly a month prior in the West Loop.

It's a blow to the waffle sandwich trend—Bel 50 barely made it past the six month marker. How long will Wafel last? Maybe a different location and slightly different menu will write a different story. Bel 50 owner Tim Jandovitz is contemplating reopening in a different location, as he says in the forthcoming statement, and the website still proudly proclaims that a new location is coming soon.

"It is with great sadness to say that BEL 50 at 738 North Clark Street is closed as of May 29. BEL 50 is presently determining whether to open its doors at another location but right now that has not yet been decided. It was absolutely one of the toughest decisions to make but ultimately it was the best choice for everyone involved. The entire team at BEL 50 sincerely appreciates everyone's support over the last several months."
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Bel 50

738 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL

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