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PQM Sausage Under Fire From the French

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Publican Quality Meats heard from the French government regarding selling Morteau sausages. Not unlike laws concerning the making of champagne, Morteau sausage can only be called such if it is produced in the region of Franche-Comté. PQM's are produced in Chicago.

As first reported by DNAinfo, Publican Quality Meats was taken by surprise when they received a letter from the French Consulate ordering them to stop offering their Chicago reproduction. "We got a fax and I thought it was a joke," says the deli's head of charcuterie Cosmo Goss.

To keep the sausage on their menu they have started a contest on their Facebook page asking customers to come up with a new name for it, with the winner receiving one of each of the deli's 14 brands of sausages. They'll make the announcement July 4.

Goss plans on having plenty of Morteau sausages available for this Sunday's BBQ Series (featuring Nellcôte chef Jared Van Camp), "just to stick it to them." But Goss worries about what the French Government may take offense to next. They do still feature a "Toulouse sausage," after all.
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—Brett Hickman

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