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Peek Inside OON—It's Finally Soft Opening This Weekend

[Photos: Mark Much]

Around 18 months ago, brown paper went up in the windows on 802 West Randolph. Yesterday that paper come down, revealing the interior of Matt Eversman's OON, the restaurant on Randolph Row that many doubted would ever see the light of day. Eversman says the broad feel of the space is, like the culinary focus, "inspired by Southeast Asia but contemporary." He's going for a light and comfortable feel, combining natural wood elements with metal touches that reflect sunlight through the glass windows that encompass the front.

Two dining rooms now fill the former warehouse space, with streamlined tables covering the stripped-down wood floors. A six-seat bar sits in the northeast corner and bright abstract artwork hangs on the long west wall. This post from 2011 elaborates on the layout and design, which was a collaboration with Parallel Architecture. Lighting is designed to help, not hinder, diners' food porn.

Eversman says many of the individual pieces were built or finished by him and his family. He hand-polished the metal countertops and sanded tables, trying to ensure his personal vision comes through in the look. Many of the tables are signed by the friends and family that helped with the construction.

Since the paper came down, Eversman says passersby are continuously stepping inside to finally take a peek. Opportunities to step inside and eat Eversman's food begin this weekend.
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OON Restaurant

802 W Randolph Street, Chicago, IL 60607 312 929 2555