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The Early Word on Juno

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Photo: Barry Brecheisen

Jason Chan and B.K. Park's latest venture, Juno, only opened three weeks ago, but is already making a notable impression on Chicago's most notorious sushi snobs. The prices may be a little high and, since it's new, it might be hard to snag a table. But according to reviews, there haven't been many major missteps. Here's the early word on Juno:

The Good News: One OpenTable user has nothing but positive things to say: "A brand new restaurant in the hands of such capable veterans makes this week-old kitchen seem as if it had earned a Michelin nod years back. B.K. Park's creative presentations, fresh and amazing flavors so far exceded other sushi experiences that it leaves an indelible haunting much so...that you end up making your next reservation the very next morning." [OpenTable]

The Bad News: Customers may consider some menu items to be overpriced. A Yelp reviewer is less than satisfied: "There was only ONE scallop, without anything else on the side. I mean, come on! Even though it's only an appetizer, it's $8! I don't mind paying more for food, but I'm not seeing the value in this. [Yelp]

The Well Worth It News: Acknowledging the steep prices, another Yelp user says the food is on par: "Juno is pricey compared to many of the BYOB/AYCE spots that have infected Chicago, but this sort of quality is nearly impossible to find (I'd say only Kai Zan could even compare). This is a can't-miss spot for a meal you won't soon forget." [Yelp]

The Expert News: Restaurant Critic Phil Vettel has deemed Juno worthy of his Summer Eating List: "This place has the potential to become the best sushi restaurant in Chicago." [Chicago Tribune]

The Ambiance News: Thrillist comments on the interior: "The 80-seater sports splashy murals of samurai and geishas in the front bar area, offset by a zen garden motif in the back with an open sushi bar that includes a private seven-seat omakase chef's table where you can go off-menu (not that you would necessarily want to stray from oyster shooters, grilled king crab, and smoked kampachi)." [Thrillist]

The Staff News: Food blog Stuff I Eat describes the attentiveness and fluidity of the experience: "Service was exceptionally well polished, and not even for a restaurant that's only been open for a week. You can tell that Park and Jason Chan really took care to hire the right staff for this place." [Stuff I Eat]

The Recommendation News: Daily Candy makes some suggestions for future diners: "The tempura-free menu emphasizes fresh seafare in its finest form— raw (fish is flown in from Japan, Korea, Hawaii, and New Zealand). Nibble on the Sakiyaki maki (grilled salmon, almond, shiso, Meyer lemon mayo); king crab with watermelon butter; smoked hamachi; and, of course, a plethora of nigiri and sashimi. Adventurous eaters, order the omakase." [Daily Candy]

Eater Chicago intern Daniella Caruso contributed to this story.

Juno Restaurant

2638 N Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL 60614 872 206 8662