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Here Comes Freestyle Food & Drink, the Third Dana Hotel Restaurant

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The third restaurant concept in just over two years is about to go into the Dana Hotel. First it was Aja, then Argent, and now Freestyle Food & Drink is opening sometime next month. One question: what's different this time?

For starters, this restaurant will be managed by the hotel itself for the first time. One of the Argent managers, Julie Darling, cited "differences in opinion with the hotel" as one reason for that shuttering. A Dana Hotel spokesman says that "the hotel felt that bringing creative and operational control in house was the best way to duplicate success within the Dana's restaurant."

Former Aja chef Ariel Bagadiong is returning as executive chef of Freestyle. The release says his menu will have "global twists on classic American flavors" and will have "shareable plates." It will serve all three meals and the layout includes a sidewalk patio. Look for the opening sometime in July.
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[Photo: Dana Hotel and Spa]

Freestyle Food & Drink

660 N. State St., Chicago, IL