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Vera Introduces Spring and Summer Classes

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Patio season is underway, and the city is ready to embrace all things that are wonderful about a Chicago summer. To celebrate just that, Vera has put together a curriculum of various food and wine classes that celebrate the season. First up, on May 18, is Drink Pink: Relishing This Season's Rosé which will focus on pink wine from around the world from classic to esoteric varietals. On June 8, chef Mark Mendez will hit the grill showcasing a variety of marinades paired with different proteins, as well as giving some professional grilling tips.

The rest of the summer schedule includes: No Cook, Cooking: Ceviche, Crudo & Carpaccio ( July 20th); Tomato-palooza (August 24); and Fall into Sherry (September 21).

All classes cost $40 and will be held at noon. Reservations are required and can be made by calling the restaurant.


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