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Baume & Brix Overhauling Menu, Launching Almost Completely New One Wednesday

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Photo: Jason Little

After expanding the menu at The Grid downstairs, chefs Thomas Elliott Bowman and Ben Roche are revamping the menu at the upstairs Baume & Brix. Seeking to make the food more approachable, the chefs are switching out all but a handful of items, keeping the sections intact but switching in almost all new "dishes that make more sense." The new menu completely launches on Wednesday.

"The way the menu read was unknown," Bowman says, but adding "it's still us...we're trying to keep it fun and unique." Many of the new dishes have more of a straightforward seasonal aspect and incorporate more seafood and vegetarian items. Only a few items remain, including the oysters, grilled octopus, and cookies and milk.

Baume & Brix has been hit with a spectrum of reviews since opening last October. The Trib's Phil Vettel was impressed, calling the dining room "comfortable and beautiful" and the grilled octopus fun dip "a riot of assertive tastes." Time Out Chicago's Julia Kramer was not, calling her meals "haphazard, dissatisfying and, occasionally, comical."

It will be interesting to see how the new menu is accepted when it launches on Wednesday.
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