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Vettel Reviews Next Again, Gives Four Stars Again

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Chicago Tribune dining critic Phil Vettel continued his run of reviewing every Next menu. In a gushing review that landed on newsstands today, Vettel again gave the restaurant four stars.

"This sort of revelatory experience is getting to be old hat at Next, which since 2010 has presented three limited-run, themed menus each year," Vettel writes. He finishes the piece with "The only downside to Vegan is that this menu might spoil you for most other vegetable options in Chicago...The art of the possible is on display."

Not everyone is happy with his continuing infatuation with the restaurant over reviews of lesser-known and less expensive dining options in the city. In Chicagoist, Anthony Todd writes "In a city that is losing critics faster than the rainforest is losing trees, does Next really need another review?"
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