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From Coffee to Biscuits: Heisler Takes Over Historic Ohio House Coffee Shop

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Coming soon to one of the most historic spots in town: Artisan biscuits and savory sandwiches from the people who brought you Trenchermen and Bar DeVille. The relic greasy spoon connected to the Ohio House Motel shuttered last month, only to find new tenants in Heisler Hospitality's Matt Eisler and Kevin Heisner. The unnamed concept will open in early fall with a small and focused menu. And if you're worried about the history, Eisler says they will "keep the soul of the place untouched."

The food offerings will be basically those two things: Biscuits and sandwiches. "We have a very focused menu so we better have amazing biscuits," Eisler says. Expect "different types of big and buttery biscuits" like sweet biscuits, some with seasonal fruit and whipped cream, some with sausage or vegetarian gravy. Eisler also mentions breakfast sandwiches (egg, sausage, bacon, etc), fried chicken sandwiches, meatloaf sandwiches, and apple pie with cheddar cheese. They're also finalizing a deal with a coffee roaster.

The space will be similar to the coffee shop of the past, only cleaned up. Eisler describes the updated look as a "modern, cool take on a Denny's or a waffle house." 25-30 seats will be dispersed into counter and both form like the existing layout. There will be a take-out window, possibly open later at night to gauge the interest of the River North nightlife crowd, and delivery service. Expect other decor nods the building's past.

Described as a "new challenge," the concept is a departure from the craft bars, hip eateries, and nightclubs in the Heisler portfolio. The idea has been swimming in their heads for a couple years and when the space became available they jumped at the opportunity to put a slight spin on a unique piece of living Americana left largely intact. Keep an eye out for updates and get ready for some biscuits around September.
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[Photo: Ohio House Motel]

Ohio House Coffee Shop

600 N. LaSalle St., Chicago, IL