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John Des Rosiers' Royce Closes Up

When John Des Rosiers announced he was reconcepting Moderno into Royce, he said it was to use approachable comfort food, rather than Moderno's upscale Italian fare, to reach the Highland Park clientele. Apparently the burgers didn't take in Highland Park either, as Royce has shuttered.

Only open four months, it was a short lifespan for the burger-and-Rolls Royce concept. Des Rosiers might have given up on the concept far sooner, as an LTH Forum commenter says that Des Rosiers "hadn't been doing anything there for the last several months." What will become of the space, Des Rosiers, and the Highland Park dining scene as anyone's guess at this point. But the quick closing of Royce aren't good signs for any of it.
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1850 Second Street, Highland park, Illinois 60035


1850 2nd St., Highland Park, IL