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OON to Embrace Food Photos

As a debate rages on about manners and mental stability of diners taking photos of their food, OON is doing the opposite of most restaurants—they're embracing it. A recent tweet from the highly anticipated restaurant says, "we won't call you crazy for taking pictures of our food? OON has optimized our lighting for great photos."

As it turns out, OON has installed lighting that is intended to highlight the food, and the photos of food. Chef Matt Eversman, on a trip to New York two summers ago, was so impressed with the soft lighting at ABC Kitchen in Union Square that he decided to use a similar style at OON. An OON rep says that it will also highlight guests' food porn photos.

So when it opens next month (hopefully) and you want to take photos of your food, you won't have to hide your camera or phone or make sure no one is watching you. They're even helping your food porn photos turn out better.
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802 W. Randolph St., Chicago, IL