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The Check, Please Chronicles: And Then There Were Five

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cp-logo.pngThe long drawn-out road of the search for the new host of the cult WTTW restaurant show Check, Please is inching closer to completion. A "Final Five" of host candidates has been announced on this May Day: Freelance writer Senam Amegashie, Tavern on the Park owner Donny De Castro, broadcast veteran and Eater Chicago contributor Catherine De Orio (who Manilow said "pops off the screen" in an earlier audition), editor and S. Levy Foods owner Sarah Levy, and Ina's owner Ina Pinkney.

Executive producer David Manilow says they all have the ability to host the show but "clearly some of them bring different things to the table" besides the prerequisite energy, inclusiveness, and being fun to work with. Pinkney, Levy and De Castro have the most restaurant experience, De Orio and Levy have the most on-camera experience, while Amegashie brings "joie de vivre." Manilow calls Amegashie the "most surprising" but "when I see her on-camera I say, 'wow.'"

The process will continue to inch along throughout the next month. WTTW will air a special episode on May 17 featuring audition and behind the scenes footage of the final five, the new host will be announced May 29. While Manilow sent the cut candidates a letter, these five will have a month to bask in the spotlight and simultaneously gnaw on their fingernails in nervous anticipation.
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