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Michael Nagrant Done at Sun-Times?

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If this is true it can't come as too much as a shock. Michael Nagrant (former?) food critic at the Sun-Times, seems to be out. Nagrant tweeted today "So this is what an ex-Chicago food critic looks like..." with a photo of his face, apparently in reference to the anonymous status most critics are forced to keep. A ballsy move for a critic that is known for deviating from the norm. Nagrant, who took over for Pat Bruno in October 2011, has also written for Saveur, New City, and CS.

Having already cut their food section nearly two months ago and replacing it with TASTE, Nagrant's reviews were still in the entertainment section. One has to wonder what other changes are in store for the paper, the restaurant reviews, and what is next on the horizon for Nagrant. More to cone as this story develops.
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