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More Details on the Commissary The Garage; Trucks Coming to the Park District

As the city continues to become more food truck-friendly, Dan Salls' (Salsa Truck) food truck commissary and eatery The Garage is almost ready to open up. Salls says he's "stuck in the health department" but he's hoping to open up by the second week of May. When it does open, it will feature an expanded and morphing menu, a record store and food stuffs for sale, a handful of trucks, and Wifi to give it "that classic cafe feel."

The eatery section of The Garage will resemble a classic lunch counter and cafe. In addition to offering an expanded Salsa Truck menu, it will also have rotating specials based on what trucks are there that day and daily diner themes like burgers, sandwiches, and soups. Salls says he's keeping price points low, under $10. He expects five or so trucks to use the space in the beginning and a handful more to come within the first six months.

The rear of the space will be home to a record shop based on Salls' personal collection of vinyl. He'll also sell sauces, marinades, and other non-perishable items in that section. He's banking on regular diners coming through from the neighborhood in addition to the food truck community.

Salls is very happy with how the city is now handling the growing food truck scene, saying they've "done a total 180 on their food truck stance." He's currently helping to build eight other food trucks. "There's going to be a lot of trucks by the end of summer," Salls says. "A ton are waiting to be licensed but they need this commissary."

In other food truck news, DNAinfo reports that the Chicago Park District is granting permission for trucks to use six spots in city parks: Queens Landing across from Buckingham Fountain; on the Museum Campus; Pritzker Park at State and Van Buren; North Pond Gazebo in Lincoln Park; Grant Park at Michigan and Harrison; Columbus and Jackson. Five trucks have been granted permission to operate in those locales.

Be on the lookout for many more truck sightings in the coming months.
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The Garage

116 N. Aberdeen St., Chicago, IL