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MK Reveals Renovation Plans, New Spring Menu

Renderings by: Olsen | Vranas

It is an impressive feat to run a successful restaurant for fifteen years, but Michael and Lisa Kornick aren't stopping now. They recently renewed the lease on the MK space for another 25 years and have plans to renovate the space this summer with the original design team, Keith Olsen and Cynthia Vranas of Olsen | Vranas Architecture and Design. Some of the changes will be subtle — new upholstery, a warmer color palate, updated artwork — with the bar area seeing the most substantial change.

The front of the restaurant will be reconfigured to become more lounge-like and the bar in its entirety will be replaced. An additional row of seating will be placed along the windows to accommodate more people. Along with the physical changes, Chef Erick Williams will introduce a new menu specifically for the bar area, for those looking to enjoy cocktails and lighter bites.

The renovations won't happen until MK takes its extended summer break in July, but in the meantime, chef Williams is paying homage to the innovative dishes that have been created over the past 15 years with a special spring tasting menu. Highlights include the sweetbreads (a favorite of Kornick) and the one banana, two banana dessert originally created by Mindy Segal (Hot Chocolate) and updated by current pastry chef Stephanie Mazzone.

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