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Josh Pearson Leaving Sepia for River North

Well it looks like it's about to get a lot more interesting at the old Swirl Wine Bar. The mysterious three-floor space at 111 W. Hubbard, which was purchased by new ownership in October 2011, has been under construction for months following many previous months of inactivity. But it seems that there's an end-game coming, with Sepia star mixologist Josh Pearson signing on.

This week is Pearson's last mixing cocktails behind the dark wood Sepia bar and he'll be joining the Hubbard project on May 1 as co-beverage director and head mixologist. Sources are naming at least two other high-profile bartenders that will also be joining the project but are unconfirmed at this time. Nader Hindo, one of three brothers in the concept's ownership group, declined to confirm any information, saying he'll release information through P.R. in the next couple weeks. Matt Eisler was named in the ownership group in the original Eater story but is not involved.

Pearson's replacement behind the Sepia bar will be known within two weeks as well. More to come on all fronts of this story.
· Award-Winning Mixologist Josh Pearson Leaves Sepia For Hot New River North Project [312DD]


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