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New Billy Goat Tavern Coming, More

LOOP—As the Cubs open their 104th season without a World Series title, the restaurant that supposedly put the curse on them in 1945 is expanding. There's a new location of Billy Goat Tavern coming to 60 E. Lake St., the location that used to house the Southern Mac Store. It will have the same classic SNL-memorialized items and 75 seats when it opens in summer. [Crain's]

UPTOWN—A Middle Eastern restaurant is replacing a shuttered Middle Eastern restaurant on 4600 N Magnolia. Tik Tok Falafel is coming in, opening doors as soon as this week. Look for classic Middle Eastern fare, including falafel in burger form. [Uptown Update]

SOUTH LOOP—Kurah, the restaurant replacing Alain's on 1355 S. Michigan, will be a "Middle Eastern tapas" restaurant with a bar, second level mezzanine, and open in summer. [Sloopin]

Billy Goat Tavern

1535 West Madison Street, , IL 60607 (312) 733-9132 Visit Website

Billy Goat Tavern

60 E. Lake St., Chicago, IL