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Rickshaw Republic's Home Cooking is Excellent; More

Rickshaw Republic
Rickshaw Republic
Photo: Chicagoist

Michael Nagrant loves the home cooking at Rickshaw Republic and thinks chef Elice Setiawan is "rockin' it." Her babi kecap is a "swampy, rich primordial ooze" of sweet soy, pork belly and shiitake mushrooms while the "Brian Urlacher-sized" fried chicken "may be the best wings in Chicago." Equally delicious is the martabak, a crispy pastry stuffed with custardy egg, beef and onion that's a "beautiful balance of richness cut by bright, lifting acidity" when dipped in the sweet vinegary cucumber salad. And for the non-meat eaters, the batagor—crispy tofu in peanut sauce—is so good Nagrant would "consider going vegan." [Sun-Times]

Out in Gurnee, Confetti's has a "leg up on the competition" with its commitment to using local, fresh ingredients. The quesadilla is grilled to that "perfect moment" where the crispness complements the melty interior, and the freshness of the vegetables makes it "one of the most refreshing dishes of the night." Chicken Marsala with asparagus "cooked just right" is also a highlight through "sheer size of the portion" while the Southern BBQ burger is "quite enjoyable." For dessert, the "incredibly rich" dark chocolate Godiva cheesecake is a fine end to the meal. [Daily Herald]