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Bryan Moscatello's Burger Tasting Menu at Storefront Company

As part of Eater's 2013 burger week, chefs at a few Chicago restaurants that don't serve burgers agreed to make a special limited-edition burger, served this week. Here now is the Burger Tasting Menu from Storefront Company.

Clockwise from top left: Duck, lamb, veal, and lobster burgers.

When it came time for Storefront Company chef Bryan Moscatello to make their first ever burger for Eater Burger Week, he didn't just make one—he made six. As one might expect, Moscatello pulls out a variety of cooking techniques, from modern to classical to abstract, in the menu. The array is available now at Storefront Company and through the end of the week.

· East Coast lobster roll meets crab cake
· Veal sweet breads
· Duck neck cased duck burger
· Lamb, allium jam, sunchoke
· Triple cream blue cheese
· Chocolate bacon burger

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Storefront Company

1941 W North Avenue, Chicago, IL 60640