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Alpana Singh and the Edzo's Burger

Which burgers do local personalities and chefs love the most? Burger Week is the best time to find out and in Hamburger Helpers, local chefs and food personalities divulge their favorite burgers in Chicago.

An Edzo's Burger [Serious Eats]

Edzo's is a local staple in the burger industry, causing hungry burger fans to make the trip north of the city border to Evanston for their burgers and fries. The Boarding House's Alpana Singh is no exception to this, choosing to make day excursions to the original location rather than visit the newer Edzo's in Lincoln Park. The former Check, Please host, now able to give her food opinions, talked about why.

"I feel that burgers fall into two camps: You get the skinny griddle burger or you the thicker ones that are juicy, an inch to an inch-and-a-half (thick), Kuma's style. I tend to fall more into the skinny griddle burger. I am a big Edzo's fan. I like pickles, American cheese, ketchup, mustard, a soft bun and onions.

"There's something about the skinny griddle burger that just has more beefiness to it. I like that he's there at the counter and takes every single order. I also like that he works with smaller purveyors so even within a fast food entity you still get Slagel Farms. A burger is something that's so anonymous sometimes and he puts a face on a burger. I don't eat burgers very often but when I get a craving we take that drive up to Evanston."
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Edzo's Burger Shop

1571 Sherman Ave., Evanston, IL