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Check Out the Massive Two-Pound Titanic Burger at Leadbelly

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Among the Kurt Cobain and Led Zeppelin posters and pumping rock music at three-week old Leadbelly, diners will find burgers. Lots of burgers, made with house-ground locally-sourced beef, 85 percent lean, mixed with pork belly, served on sesame-speckled brioche buns baked in-house every morning.

If diners call 24 hours ahead, they can order the gigantic "Titanic," a spectacle consisting of over two pounds of meat, three tomatoes, a half-pound of American cheese, one red onion, 30 Sriracha pickle slices and a half-head of iceberg lettuce. Served between 12 rolls proofed together in a pizza pan and packaged in a pizza box, owner Nicole Masse O'Brien estimates it's equivalent to 11 burgers. The menu says it serves four-to-five people.

The space used to be a pizza joint, and Masse O'Brien says her husband Steve asked, "why don't we do a burger like a pizza?" The Titanic was on a pedestal on the counter during the first two days of service. During a recent visit it caused such a stir that customers repeatedly asked what it was and took photos with it—even a staff member Instagrammed a photo.

The family and friend-run operation holds 31 seats and has been doing 200 covers a day since opening. The Titanic may not be the reason, but it's a curiosity that hasn't hurt.
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5739 W. Irving Park Rd., Chicago, IL

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